This checklist is to be used as a guide only. Contact me if you are unsure if something will fail an inspection to receive advice on how to fix a problem.

  • The pool fence is at least 1200 mm high,
  • The bottom of my pool fence and gate are no more than 100 mm off the ground,
  • The horizontal rails of the pool fence are 900 mm apart,
  • The gaps between the verticals of the pool fence are no more than 100 mm wide,
  • All climbable objects are at least 900 mm away from the fence on the outside, e.g. BBQs, trees, garden rocks, shrubs, pot plants, and furniture,
  • There are no climbable objects within 300 mm of the pool fence on the inside,
  • The pool gate opens outwards, away from the pool.
  • The pool gate self-closes and latches from any open position,
  • The gate latch is located either: 
    • inside the gate and is 150 mm from the top of the fence and is covered with a 450 mm radius shield or
    • The gate latch located above 1500 mm above the ground and is also at least 1400 mm above the top part of the lower horizontal railings,
  • The hinges on the pool gate are at least 900 mm apart OR My lower hinge has a non-climbable safety cap affixed to it,•CPR sign prominently displayed in the pool area,
  • Windows do not open wider than 100 mm OR My windows have a security screen fitted,
  • Ensure you cannot access the pool area directly from a door from your house.

To book an inspection either phone me on 0450249079 or press the book an inspection button